Monday, June 23, 2014

Chimney rock

So that is me in a full body sweat.  We decided to go to Chimney Rock on Sunday.  I won't lie.  It was a forced march.  But everyone had F.U.N.  Elizabeth decided she needed to be carried and Woodson decided we needed to go to the TOP of the mountain:-) The trip was full of interesting tidbits - Richard took Woodson to the potty but didn't make him go - so of course we get halfway to the top and Woodson had to water the "Devils Face" (name of lookout above chimney rock I think), Mercer Anne said she wanted to ride a horse but not a donkey because Donkey's were sooooo dirty.   And as we started to descend after we got to the top which the twins insisted on climbing to, they immediately said they were ready to go home and where was the short cut.... yep.  The short cut down the mountain.  A funny guy walking by said, "tuck and roll".

Mercer Anne was done.  Typical family photo right here.  At least Richard is smiling.

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