Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's late, I should be in bed...but I feel like writing

Today was the KINDERGARTEN PLAY.  It was a 11am.  So - I had time to run home after dropping the 3 kids off - work out on the elliptical for 30 minutes, hop in the shower, blow dry my hair and make it back to school on time.  Right?  Almost.

I get there with 4 minutes to spare.  I have it in my head the play is in the sanctuary.  I see people walking into Whitford Hall - but they are wrong.  They don't know where they are going.  I am going to take the secret route.  I run up the back entrance to the sanctuary - locked.  I peep through the window.  I don't see anyone and it is dark (first clue).  3 minutes to go.  I run back down the stairs, around a small city block to the front of the church.  Door #1:  locked.  Door #2: open.  Sanctuary: Empty.  1 minute to go.  Its definitely in Whitford Hall.  Oops.  Run through sanctuary through breezeway toward Whitford Hall.  Door is locked.  No one is coming to open door.  Go back to sanctuary.  Locked.  I am stuck on breezeway.  Its 11 am.  Thankfully my phone rings and Kimbie (Molly's mom) calls to say where am I - play is starting.  I try explaining while I am banging on the door.  Man opens door.  I run in and down the hall.  They have waited for me.  All of the parents turn and look and laugh.  Some clap.  I feel terrible.

But the play was amazing.  Mercer Anne and Woodson were both Indians and turkeys.  Yep.  You read that right.  Woodson had the opening line..."Please stand and salute the flag".  He was awesome.  It was also his only line.  Mercer Anne didn't have one.  THANK GOODNESS they waited for me or I would have missed it.

Just wanted to record this tidbit.  They are in the Indian costumes here.  The turkeys were eaten at the feast.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Birthday Week!

It was a busy week in the Rutherford household.  It was Birthday WEEK.  Yes- week.  We celebrated mercer Anne and Woodson's birthday almost everyday.  In keeping with the crazy personalized cake making my mom started and I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT, each if my children gets a "homemade" (Duncan Hines makes a mean mix) birthday cake.  We celebrated at home, we celebrated at school, we went to chuck e cheese to celebrate and we had a park birthday with a friend- we somehow forgot we had a HUGE birthday party in May with our Durham friends.  We also went to dinner at Mamas and Beer (think awesome Mexican restaurant).  They went all out with sombreros, fried ice cream and sombreros.  These are some celebrated children!!!  We will save the posting for the post birthday sugar meltdowns for later....  Until then, I can't believe these lovely, smart, wonderful, spunky children are mine- I am so lucky!

These pictures are totally out of order and it is driving me crazy, so much so, I can't mess with it anymore.  I am sure you can figure out what goes together!!!  xx

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

She's still there

And for some reason I still think this is sooo funny.  All I can think is:  WHOA that bra is huge!!!'s mine.  

This just happened

After I put Mercer Anne down for bed this evening, she came downstairs and asked if she could sleep in my bed.  I said of course and shooed her back to bed.  She asked if I would go to bed with her and I said I would be up in about an hour.  Mercer Anne told me she would wait for me:-) I guess during the waiting she found one of my bras and put it on and subsequently passed out.  This had me laughing out loud and simultaneously wishing I had just come upstairs to snuggle with my baby girl.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Chimney rock

So that is me in a full body sweat.  We decided to go to Chimney Rock on Sunday.  I won't lie.  It was a forced march.  But everyone had F.U.N.  Elizabeth decided she needed to be carried and Woodson decided we needed to go to the TOP of the mountain:-) The trip was full of interesting tidbits - Richard took Woodson to the potty but didn't make him go - so of course we get halfway to the top and Woodson had to water the "Devils Face" (name of lookout above chimney rock I think), Mercer Anne said she wanted to ride a horse but not a donkey because Donkey's were sooooo dirty.   And as we started to descend after we got to the top which the twins insisted on climbing to, they immediately said they were ready to go home and where was the short cut.... yep.  The short cut down the mountain.  A funny guy walking by said, "tuck and roll".

Mercer Anne was done.  Typical family photo right here.  At least Richard is smiling.

Nell, Soren, Louise and Thor

 Two weeks ago our friends, Nell, Soren, Louise and Thor came for a visit.  I hope she doesn't mind I am adding their pictures to our blog.  Louise, Mercer Anne and EG became fast friends.  I can't tell you how many times they went around in a circle dancing - too many to count - and they made up songs as they went - it was super cute and made my heart smile.  We made a trip out to Montreat (EG above), tooled around at our house, went to the pool etc...
 Thor and Woodson were not as evenly matched but Woodson didn't seem to mind.  They are on the gross couch which has been covered with a sheet so whatever foreign items are on there don't kill us:-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mercer Anne's QOTD

For those of you who are not up on twitter speak (I'm not, I had to ask) QOTD=Quote of the day.  I took Mercer Anne grocery shopping while EG slept and Woodson and Daddy hung out on Father's Day.  We headed to the local Aldi.  It is supposed to have great deals- you put in a quarter to get your grocery cart, and when you return it, you get your quarter back.  I'm not quite sure what I was expecting.  The clientele ranged from hippy types, to moms, to some real deal chasers.  I did not really enjoy being there BUT even after we stopped at ingles to get the things we couldn't find there we still saved around $40 on our grocery bill.  I guess we will go back.  I have mixed feelings.  Anyway- as we are perusing the isles as Aldi.  Mercer Anne looks at me, points at a lady and say very loudly, "MOM, why does that lady have a TON of unhealthy food and she is NOT even healthy".  Kind if a question, kind of a statement.  Very perceptive.  Very loud.  Out of the mouths of babes.  Happy Wednesday y'all!