Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mercer Anne's QOTD

For those of you who are not up on twitter speak (I'm not, I had to ask) QOTD=Quote of the day.  I took Mercer Anne grocery shopping while EG slept and Woodson and Daddy hung out on Father's Day.  We headed to the local Aldi.  It is supposed to have great deals- you put in a quarter to get your grocery cart, and when you return it, you get your quarter back.  I'm not quite sure what I was expecting.  The clientele ranged from hippy types, to moms, to some real deal chasers.  I did not really enjoy being there BUT even after we stopped at ingles to get the things we couldn't find there we still saved around $40 on our grocery bill.  I guess we will go back.  I have mixed feelings.  Anyway- as we are perusing the isles as Aldi.  Mercer Anne looks at me, points at a lady and say very loudly, "MOM, why does that lady have a TON of unhealthy food and she is NOT even healthy".  Kind if a question, kind of a statement.  Very perceptive.  Very loud.  Out of the mouths of babes.  Happy Wednesday y'all!

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