Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Birthday Week!

It was a busy week in the Rutherford household.  It was Birthday WEEK.  Yes- week.  We celebrated mercer Anne and Woodson's birthday almost everyday.  In keeping with the crazy personalized cake making my mom started and I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT, each if my children gets a "homemade" (Duncan Hines makes a mean mix) birthday cake.  We celebrated at home, we celebrated at school, we went to chuck e cheese to celebrate and we had a park birthday with a friend- we somehow forgot we had a HUGE birthday party in May with our Durham friends.  We also went to dinner at Mamas and Beer (think awesome Mexican restaurant).  They went all out with sombreros, fried ice cream and sombreros.  These are some celebrated children!!!  We will save the posting for the post birthday sugar meltdowns for later....  Until then, I can't believe these lovely, smart, wonderful, spunky children are mine- I am so lucky!

These pictures are totally out of order and it is driving me crazy, so much so, I can't mess with it anymore.  I am sure you can figure out what goes together!!!  xx

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